Are you a fan of K-Pop? If so, then you’ll be excited to hear that Jung Yi Seo is releasing a new single next week!

The new single, titled “I’m Fine”, will be released on Tuesday, March 3rd at 12 AM KST. You can purchase the single on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

So who is Jung Yi Seo and why should you listen to her music? Jung Yi Seo is a Korean singer-songwriter who made her debut in 2016. Her musical style has been described as a mix of R&B, soul, and pop. She has been praised for her unique and powerful vocal style.

Why is the new single a must-listen? The song is about overcoming hardships and finding strength within yourself. The music video is visually stunning and features Jung Yi Seo in various colorful outfits. Plus, Jung Yi Seo has said that this song is very personal to her and that she hopes it will inspire others.

So make sure to check out Jung Yi Seo’s new single “I’m Fine” when it comes out next week!

Jung Yi Seo to release new single next week.

New single titled “I’m Fine”.

Release date and time.

Where to purchase the new single.

On September 18th, 2020, at 6 PM KST, solo artist Jung Yi Seo will be releasing her new single “I’m Fine”! The song is a ballad with an acoustic guitar sound, and is about the struggles of moving on from a past relationship.

This will be Jung Yi Seo’s first release in 4 months, since her mini album “Why Aren’t You Sleeping?” came out in May of 2020.

“I’m Fine” will be available for purchase on Melon, Genie, Bugs, Naver Vibe, and Soribada.

About Jung Yi Seo.

Who is Jung Yi Seo?

Jung Yi Seo is a singer-songwriter who made her debut in 2016 with the mini album “I Am Not Alone”. She has since released two more mini albums, “To Myself” and “Story Teller”.

What is Jung Yi Seo’s musical style?

Jung Yi Seo’s music can be classified as indie folk. She often writes about personal experiences and emotions in her songs.

Why you should listen to Jung Yi Seo.

Jung Yi Seo’s music is perfect for those who are looking for something different from the mainstream K-pop sound. Her lyrics are relatable and her voice is soothing. If you’re a fan of artists like Kimbra or Lorde, you’ll definitely enjoy Jung Yi Seo’s music.

Why the new single is a must-listen.

Single’s theme and what it’s about.

The new single by Jung Yi Seo is titled “I’m Fine” and is set to release next week. The song is about continuing to move forward even when things are tough. It’s a message of strength and resilience, something that everyone can relate to.

The music video.

The music video for “I’m Fine” was filmed in Seoul and features Jung Yi Seo walking around the city. The video has a strong visual aesthetic, with bright colors and striking imagery. It’s a beautiful video that perfectly captures the spirit of the song.

Quotes from Jung Yi Seo about the new single.

“This song is for anyone who has ever felt like they’re not good enough or like they can’t keep going. I want people to know that they’re not alone and that it’s okay to feel like that sometimes.”

“I hope this song can give people strength when they need it.”

“I’m really proud of this song and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Jung Yi Seo’s new single, “I’m Fine”, is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys good music. The single is set to release next week and will be available for purchase on all major digital platforms. If you’re not familiar with Jung Yi Seo, she is a Korean singer-songwriter who debuted in 2016. Her musical style can best be described as a mix of R&B, soul, and pop. She has been praised by many critics for her unique voice and catchy melodies.

The new single is about overcoming hardships and staying strong despite the challenges life throws your way. The music video is very powerful and moving, and it features Jung Yi Seo singing in front of a backdrop of various landmarks in Korea. In an interview, she stated that the song is dedicated to anyone who has ever gone through tough times.

If you’re looking for a feel-good song to brighten up your day, look no further than Jung Yi Seo’s “I’m Fine”. It’s sure to put a smile on your face and give you the strength to keep going when things get tough.