Oh Yeon-Seo is finally back on the small screen and she’s doing some crazy stuff! The actress hasn’t been seen in a drama since 2016, but she’s currently filming for her new project.

The drama is about a woman who gets possessed by a demon. Oh Yeon-Seo will be playing the lead role, and from what we’ve seen so far, she looks completely unrecognizable! We can’t wait to see her performance in this crazy new role.

Oh Yeon-Seo’s return to the small screen.

What she’s been up to since her last drama.

Oh Yeon-Seo has been keeping busy since her last drama aired in 2016. She took some time off to focus on her personal life, but she also kept busy with various endorsements and photoshoots. In 2017, she made a cameo appearance in the hit drama “Goblin” and also starred in the film “The Swindlers”. 2018 was a busy year for Oh Yeon-Seo as well, as she starred in the dramas “Hwayugi” and “My Mister”. She also had a role in the film “The Royal Tailor”.

Most recently, Oh Yeon-Seo has been focusing on her new project, a drama called “My Absolute Boyfriend”. The drama is set to air in 2019, and it will be Oh Yeon-Seo’s first leading role in a while.

Oh Yeon-Seo’s new project.

What the drama is about.

Oh Yeon-Seo’s new project is a drama called “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”. It’s a Korean adaptation of a popular webtoon of the same name. The story revolves around a mysterious pojangmacha (street stall) that appears only at night, and the people who frequent it. Oh Yeon-Seo will play the role of Wol Joo, the owner of the pojangmacha.

What to expect from her performance.

fans can expect Oh Yeon-Seo to give an amazing performance in “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”. She always does her research for her roles and immerses herself in the character, so viewers can expect a nuanced and believable portrayal of Wol Joo.

Oh Yeon-Seo’s crazy new character.

What to expect from her performance.

Oh Yeon-Seo is set to play the lead role in the upcoming tvN drama “Hwayugi,” which is a modern retelling of the classic Chinese novel “Journey to the West.” In the drama, Oh Yeon-Seo will play the character of Sam Jang, who is a woman with a very unique and special ability.

Expectations are high for Oh Yeon-Seo’s performance in “Hwayugi,” as she is set to take on a very different and challenging role. Her character Sam Jang is described as being fiery and vivacious, with a strong sense of justice. It will be interesting to see how Oh Yeon-Seo brings this character to life, and how she handles the challenges that come with playing such a complex and multi-faceted role.

It’s great to see Oh Yeon-Seo back on the small screen! She’s been keeping busy since her last drama, and her new project is definitely something to be excited about. Her character in the drama is crazy and unpredictable, and I can’t wait to see what she does with the role. I’m sure she’ll deliver an unforgettable performance.